The home garden you have always wanted, Marko cares for your plants for you.

They grow themselves!

Our intelligent system allows growing edible plants 100% automatically.

There´s no need to water them.

There´s no need to care for them.

They don´t even need natural light!

Installing your plants is as easy as preparing a coffee capsule: choose the location for your Marko, take your plants and simply place them in your Marko in the desired location.


Inspired by Nature, the plants receive the best care, just like they would in their natural habitat.

For the first time, design, technology and Nature work together for life.

4 simple steps

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Select a location for your Marko

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Pick your plants

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Insert your plants

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Add life to your cooking

100% automatic. The plants grow themselves and are always ready to use.

Technology in Harmony

Newfarm technology allows cultivating to be so easy it seems like magic, our plants just grow.

Latest generation of LED designed specially for horticulture, adapt to the requirements of each plant.

IoT technology with support in the cloud and via the Newfarm mobile APP.

The Newfarm APP is always available to assist and it allows you to interact with Marko and your plants as you desire.

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Add flavor and freshness to your cooking

At Newfarm we select the best seeds and substrates so you can enjoy gourmet smells, tastes and textures.

Our technology allows each plant to receive the perfect balance of light and nutrients for their species, this means there aren´t happier plants than those cultivated with Marko in the warmth of your home.

What are you waiting for?

Be the first to add life to your home and your cooking

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Gourmet quality

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Automatic Care

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Independent of local climate

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Maximum Nutritional Value

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Fast Growth. 100% Success

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Patented Intelligence

Begin to live the Newfarm experience!

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